How to Reduce High Ping in PUBG Mobile

It is really frustrating when you see an enemy and just want to give a head shot but then the enemy shoots you first because of game lag and High Ping while playing PUBG Mobile. If you are like me and hate having to play PUBG Mobile with ping that high, I am here to guide you through the reasons for high ping and solutions for better gameplay experience.

First of All, You must know what exactly PING means in PUBG Mobile. It is mostly calculated in milliseconds meaning that the data transfer from your phone to PUBG server and vice versa gets done under that time.


Suppose, Your ping is 1000ms then it means that if you send some response like shoot a person in the game then it takes 1second to reach to the server and then to the person's phone whom you just shoot. If you have less ping like 40ms then it takes only 40 milliseconds to send your request to the server.

What are the causes of High Ping?

  • It depends on your physical location like how far are you from the PUBG Mobile Server. Unfortunately, there is no PUBG mobile server here in Nepal.
  • It also depends on your internet speed. If you have great internet speed then your ping won`t fluctuate up and down as it will remain constant.
  • Your distance from the Wi-Fi Router. If you are too far from the router then you will face high ping issues.
  • If you are using 2.4 GHz wifi signal then you are likely to get high ping compared to the ones using 5Ghz Wifi Signal. ( 2.4Ghz has fewer channels to send bandwidth whereas 5Ghz uses more channels to send bandwidth)
  • The number of devices connected to wifi also plays a major role in your ping issues in PUBG mobile. The more users, the more bandwidth they consume and your ping increases.

What are the Solutions for High Ping and get Smooth Gameplay in PUBG Mobile?

  1. Make sure you play on your nearest server. If you are from Nepal play in Asia server, not in America server.
  2. Make sure to limit users on your wi-fi connection
  3. Increase your Internet Speed and see the results.
  4. Use 5Ghz Wifi Router ( range might decrease)

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