Top 3 News Portal Websites in Nepal

News Portal Websites are popping up everywhere in Nepal. There are countless of them appearing on Facebook but all of them might not be accurate and reliable.

In this Article, I will be listing top 3 most appreciated and reliable news portal Websites in Nepal. All of these websites are well trusted by Nepali users and are well ranked by Alexa( An Amazon Company).

The news media websites are ranked below on descending order of popularity where NO.1 is the most popular one. The trustworthy of the website cannot be ranked by this order as it only represents the traffic and ranking on Alexa.

Top News Portal Websites in Nepal


It is also one of the popular website in nepal with alexa rank of #5. It has operated since 2012. Most people spend time of around 3 minutes.
RatoPati Website
Ratopati Logo

Description of Ratopati

Politics, National and international issues, sports, entertainment and other news from all over the Nepal


It is one of the oldest and reputed brand in news section of Nepal. It  publishes newspapers as well and ranks number one on selling news papers. However, It ranks number 2 in terms of its online presense. Most people spend time of less than a minute on website. The design of the website is responsive and very attractive. It ranks #4 in Alexa Nepal . I recommend using this because of less ads on the website.

Kantipur Website
Kantipur Logo

Description of Kantipur

Kantipur has deep seated belief in democracy and freedom of press for the positive change in society. It is committed to provide true picture of news and analytical reviews to the Nepalese society. Being the market leader the organization has the added responsibility to affirm professionalism in disseminating true information.


It claims to be the number one news portal site in Nepal and so are they. They rank #3 on alexa  nepal sub category topping Facebook from the list. The average time a person spends at OnlineKhabar is about 6 minutes and 37 seconds. This news portal is very active and posts contents from all over Nepal. Even if it ranks number one on traffic. The experience is not that great with a lots of advertisement all over the place.
OnlineKhabar logo
OnlineKhabar Logo

Description of OnlineKhabar:

No. 1 News Portal from Nepal. We Provide News and Information regarding Political News, National, Business, Social, Sports, Interview, Public Feedback, Videos, Photo Feature - wherever you are, whatever your age.

There are other news portals that I would recommend you to follow. Some of them are listed below

  • NagarikNetwork
  • Setopati
  • AnnapurnaPost
  • News24
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