Samsung Phones price in Nepal

This article will provide you with latest Samsung phones price in Nepal.
Some of the Samsung Phones available in Nepal are segmented below.

Samsung Phones Price in Nepal
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Budget Samsung Smartphones
Galaxy J series , Galaxy M series
Mid-Range Samsung Smartphones
Galaxy A series

High-End Samsung Smartphones
Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, Galaxy Note 9 + , S9, S8

This list may not be 100 percent accurate so make sure to just estimate the price. We are not liable for any change in price. Always check the updated time at the bottom of the article for date of estimation.

Phone price list of Samsung Smartphones

  • Galaxy J series - 10 to 30 thousands range
  • Galaxy A Series - 30-50 thousands range
  • Galaxy S Series, Galaxy Note Series- 50 thousands +

UPDATED: 9 June, 2019